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Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. What are the courses available in the college?

    A) The college offers a variety of under graduate, graduate and post – graduates courses under various schemes in both English and Telugu mediums. Refer the courses page on this website for details.

  • 2. What are the rules for admission and withdrawal into this college?

    A) Admission in to the college is governed by the regulations in respect of sanction of courses, reservation scheme, intake capacity laid down by Commissioner of Collegiate Education Hyderabad and Andhra University Visakhapatnam. Complete information relevant to admissions is available in the prospectus published by the college every year. A student who wishes to leave the college has to apply for a Transfer Certificate. The applicant must obtain No Dues Clearance from the fees section and library. Similar clearance from laboratories is mandatory for science students. College fee is non – refundable

  • 3. What are the certificates to be submitted by a student seeking admission by transfer?

    For a student enrolled in an institution within Andhra University affiliation

    Transfer, Study and Conduct certificate

    For a student enrolled in an autonomous institution with the Andhra University affiliation

    In addition to the above, a letter of permission from the Dean of Collegiate Education Andhra University.

    For a student enrolled in an institution outside the Andhra University affiliation

    In addition to the above, a Migration Certificate.

  • 4. Are students provided with books?

    A) Every student will provide himself with all the necessary text books. Every student to whom books or other property of the college have been entrusted shall be held responsible for their preservation in good condition and in the event of their being lost or damaged, shall be required to replace them or defray their cost.

  • 5. What are the rules governing uniform and attendance?

    A) Every student is required to attend wearing the uniform with identity card punctually at the stated hours all lectures and practical classes. Every student must attend almost 100% of the sessions in the academic year. Absence for one hour will be treated as absence for half a day. Examination days are full working days for the purpose of attendance.

  • 6. What are the examinations that a student must take during his course of study in the college?

    A) Monthly tests, half – yearly and hope examinations will be held during the course of the academic year to assess the academic progress of the student. Attendance at tests and examinations is compulsory. For Andhra university examinations, students who have put in a minimum of 85% of attendance only are eligible for these examinations. The absence for the remaining 15% can be condoned only on medical grounds. All others rules that govern university examinations apply. Refer college calendar for details.

  • 7. What is the eligibility for fee concessions?

    A) S. C. and A. A. C. students whose parents annual income is Rs 1, 00, 000/- or less are eligible for full fee concession. B. C. Students whose parents annual income is Rs 1, 00, 000/- or less are eligible for full fee concession. Economically backward students whose parents annual income is Rs 1, 00, 000/- or less are eligible for half fee concession. Recipients of scholarships are obliged to put in a minimum of 75% of attendance. Proportionately reduced amounts will be paid to students who fail to record the required minimum of attendance. Undisbursed scholarship amount will be credited to the Government account.

  • 8. What are the rules governing reading room and library?

    A) Strict silence should be maintained in the library. The library is open during working days during working hours. Books will be issued to the students only on production of the library identity cards. Period of issue is 15 days. A borrower can apply for renewal of the loan of a book only once. Borrower is obliged to defray the cost of repair or replacement of damage or lost books.

  • 9. What are all the extra – curricular activities are encouraged in the college?

    A) The college has a unit of National Service Scheme. The Veeresalingam Sangha Seva Samithi and Veeresalingam Lalitha Kala Academy coordinate and conduct various social service and cultural activities. Concession on II Class fare is applicable to students and sportsmen when travelling for participating in competitions and tournaments recognized by State or Board of Education.

  • 10. What is the punishment given to students offending or breaking any rule or regulation of the college?

    A) A student convicted of any offenses as defined in the college calendar will be expelled from the college. A student imprisoned for more than six months for any offense will not be admitted into any other college. A student against whom there is prima facie evidence of ragging I any form will be suspended from the college immediately.
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